Public Speaking

In addition to my regular teaching, I do numerous speaking gigs every year including keynotes, guest lectures, seminars, panels, and webinars. I give talks on topics beyond environmental justice training as well, based on my years as a published author and Native journalist. I have written extensively on understanding Native American stereotypes, surfing and surf culture, American settler society, race and diversity, the Native American art world, and much more.

If you are interested in booking me for a speaking date, please contact me to check on my availability and fees.

Upcoming Appearances and Events

March 19, Cal State University San Marcos, “A Different Box: The Role of Indigenous
     Knowledge in Building a Place and Land Based Ethic”
April 4-6 University of California Merced, IH Grad Conference, Humanities Day keynote        address
April 13—LA Festival of Books, Los Angeles. 4:00-5:00,  USC campus Taper Hall, 101
April 22–Cal State San Marcos, book talk
April 25–World of Wellesley, Wellesely, Ma. book talk
April 26-28–San Diego State University, Impact Zones and Liminal Spaces surf conference
May 14– University of California Los Angeles, book talk
June 22–Skylight Books, Los Angeles, book talk
July 25–Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Ma.
July 26–Leventhal Map Center, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Ma.
July 28-Aug. 2– Upstander Academy, guest faculty
August 11–Surfrider National Summit, University of California Irvine.
Sept. 17–Loyola Marymount University, 5 PM (panelist, The Environmental History of Ballona Wetlands)
Sept. 19–Western Literature Association, Estes Park, Co.
Nov. 2019–Center for Race and Democracy, Arizona State University; Social Cohesion Dialogue  (date TBD)
Nov. 2019–National Women’s Studies Association, San Francisco, Ca. (date TBD)
Jan. 2020–University of California Davis
Jan. 21, 2020–Center for Race and Democracy, Arizona State University; Dancing Earth Public Program
April 1, 2020–Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina