Below are a few select recent videos of talks, media interviews, podcasts, webinars, and interviews I’ve given since the release of As Long As Grass Grows. The following list are all from 2019.

‘We Are Nations:’ What Environmental Justice Looks Like For Indigenous People, Earther/Gizmodo, Oct. 2019

Society for Environmental Journalists Plenary Session with Acting Director of Bureau of Land Management Wm. Perry Pendley, et al, 2019

Talk for World of Wellesley, April 2019

Keynote (delivered virtually) for Unsettling Conservation through a Decolonizing Lens: Engagement and Collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and Communities, organized by the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University, September 2019.

Unitarian Universalists Environmental Justice Practitioners Network Webinar

Cultures of Energy Podcast, April 2019

Your Call, KALW San Francisco: “What Would Indigenized Environmental Justice Look Like?” May, 2019

“Environmentalism and Native People,” Against the Grain, KPFA, July 2019

“The Litter Myth,” Throughlines, NPR, September 2019

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